E-Health Topics

These are the following topics for e-Health:

No. Topics
1 Introductions
2 E-health trends and latest technologies.
3 Technologies and innovations for health care settings.
4 Health Informatics for advanced healthcare delivery.
5 e-health literacy amongst healthcare consumers.
6 Electronic Health Records 
7 Health Knowledge Management 
8 Consumer Health Informatics
9 Healthcare Information Systems
10 Telemedicine 
11 m-Health
12 Leadership Secrets that Engage Clinicians and Create Winning Healthcare Organizations 
13 Mobility Tool
14 Strategic Interoperability: Connecting Healthcare within Hospitals, Regions, and Nations
15 HIS Implementation Strategies in the Ministry of Health
16 Electronic Healthcare Record - So what's next?
17 Population Health 
18 Towards a Global Health Information System
19 Electronic Health Information Management in line with the JCI standards 
20 Transforming delivery and consumption of healthcare services with Digital Health, 
21 Defining the Financial and Clinical Benefits of IT Implementation
22 The Saudi eHealth Interoperability Framework and Policies - Update and Direction
23 Integration of mHealth into the Health Care System: People, Process & Technology
24 Tackling the Tsunami – Building an mHealth Strategy
25 Bending the Cost – Quality Curve: Leveraging mHealth for Home Monitoring and Remote Care
26 Changing the Care Paradigm – mHealth Enhancing Treatment of Chronic Care
27 eHealth Delivering innovative Health Care and Well–Being
28 Integrating mHealth into the Hospital Environment
29 eHealth in Support of Reforming Health Systems
30 eHealth Strategies for Improving Patient Care
31 Specific Action B3 on Integrated Care of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP) 
32 Balancing and Driving the eHealth Ecosystem
33 Mainstreaming Telehealth Services: The Need for Impact Assessment – Renewing Health, powered by EHTEL
34 Financing Innovative Services in Active and Healthy Ageing
35 Legal and Regulatory Issues
36 Intelligent Portals for Knowledge and Empowerment
37 Mobile and eHealth Platform as Basis for Chronic Disease Management
38 Primary Care and Out-Patient Care, An Adoption Model for the Future
39 Realising the High Economic and Societal Value of eHealth, Stimulating Economic Growth and Development
40 Mobile Applications (apps) within Healthcare – Use of Patients in the Design
41 Future of Healthcare – Multiple Perspectives: mHealth’s Challenges and Opportunities
42 Business Modelling in the ‘Ecosystem’
43 The Department of Veterans Affairs Health Information Technology Journey
44 Political/Societal Enablers to Drive eHealth
45 Evidence on Benefits and Impact of Innovative Services in Active and Healthy Ageing
46 Education & Skills to Support eHealth Deployment and Implementation
47 Empowered Patients are Safer Patients
48 Zero Drug Prescription Errors – Fact or Fiction?
49 The EIP Specific Action C2 on Independent Living
50 Do We Need a European Wide HIT Certification?
51 Closing Plenary: eHealth Ecosystems as a Pathway to The Future
52 Vision for eHealth Integration
53 Launching the Projects of Saudi eHealth Transaction Program ( Rabet )
54 Saudi eHealth Transactions Program (Rabet)
55 Mobile Health for Clinical and Consumer: How to implement mobile technologies for patients
and clinicians that can be implemented anywhere and deliver real benefits everywhere,
56 How Can Innovative Health and Care Ecosystems Improve Patient Outcomes?
57 The Future of Imaging

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